1 Iky Iky | 16. července 2010 v 11:24 | Reagovat

Thor - to bude peklo.. :) ale ten Amerika to bude taky určitě zajímavý :)

2 mi-shell-inka SB mi-shell-inka SB | Web | 18. července 2010 v 20:59 | Reagovat

ty jo, ani jedno neznam :D

3 KulSpUp KulSpUp | E-mail | Web | 31. července 2018 v 4:50 | Reagovat

Seal armpit brings discomfort, aches. To delay trip doctor is not appropriate. Lump under the muscle cavity may turn out to be cancer illness. But often it is result frequent use deodorants, non-compliance rules personal hygiene, increased sweating. Inflammation triggers narrow blouse, infected razor-affiliation, the infection.
<a href=http://armpit.info/painful-lump-under-armpit>i have a lump under my armpit</a>  
Compaction under the arm, redness, lump getting warm? This is the abscess that should cut, next drink antibiotics. First cost solutions, antibacterial drugs. When the ailment switched to second stage, the required surgery.

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